Wesley Snipes as Blade

Wesley Snipes as Eric Brooks / Blade

Wesley Snipes as Eric Brooks / Blade: A half-vampire "daywalker" who hunts vampires. Blade is highly skilled in martial arts and always equips himself with vampire-killing weapons

The Movies:

- Blade: Eric Brooks was still in his mother’s womb when she was bitten by a vampire. A unique creation, he was born with all of the strengths of vampires, but virtually none of their weaknesses. Protecting humanity from these bloodthirsty creatures under the name Blade, this sunlight-immune vampire, or Daywalker as he’s known, teams up with his friend and mentor Whistler to stop a renegade sect of vampires. Led by the evil Deacon Frost, these monsters aim to summon the blood god La Magra and wipe out humanity.

- Blade 2: Blade is back. After defeating Deacon Frost and stopping the threat he posed to humanity, the Daywalker must team up with the same vampire council he intended to destroy and a team called the Blood Pack a cadre of vampires trained to kill Blade.  Why the unholy alliance? A new breed of vampires the Reapers has risen, horrific creatures who feed on both humans and vampires. Led by Nomak, the estranged son of Damaskinos head of the vampire council these monster are stronger, fiercer and more frightening than anything Blade has seen before.

- Blade: Trinity: After being framed for murder by the very vampires he's sworn to destory, Blade himself becomes the hunted. Captured by the vampire-corrupted police, he is soon released by a group of fellow vampire hunters known as the Nightstalkers. Upon Blade’s release, Nightstalkers' Hannibal King and Abigail Whistler, the daughter of Blade’s former mentor, invite the Daywalker to take up arms alongside them against the vampire leader Danica Talos. Unbeknownst to them, Danica has a secret weapon of her own to take down the human race - the freshly resurrected Dracula.

Wesley Snipes as Blade Figure

Blade Figure: Hot Toys is proud to bring you the latest in Movie Masterpiece Series, Blade from the blockbuster film 'Blade II'! The 1:6th scale BLADE collectible figure is the perfect addition to any Marvel fan's collection. This collectible stands approximately 30cm tall and features more than 32 points of articulation. Dressed in the Daywalker’s movie-accurate costume of an overcoat, black jacket, vest, shirt, pants and boots. And the accessories and weapons features: Lifelike head sculpt with Blade’s signature tattoos at back. Authentic Likeness of Wesley Snipes, Sunglasses, Shoulder Holster, Two (2) foldable glaives, Two (2) extendable hand armors, Sword with scabbard, Interchangeable sword handle with blades, Five (5) stakes, Two (2) UV Bombs, Machine Gun, Two (2) Handguns and Four (4) sets of interchangeable gloved hands. Figure stand with Blade II movie logo and Blade nameplate.

Blade Movie Bust

Blade Movie Bust: From the modern-classic superhero film Blade, comes this highly detailed bust. The Blade Fine Art Bust sits atop a deluxe marquee-style base with the film's logo that actually lights up! Furthermore, the limited edition bust features a hand written serial number on the back of the base. The distinctive base also has Blade's secret weapon, the EDTA Darts, attached to the side.The vampire-hunting Daywalker, played by Wesley Snipes, is reproduced with incredible attention to detail in cold cast porcelain at 1:6 scale, measuring over 10-inches tall.

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