Julie Benz as Darla

Julie Benz as Darla

Julie Benz as Darla: Darla has the standard powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire, with a greater lust for blood and destruction than most. Being nearly four hundred years old, she is stronger than most vampires. She is eternally young, regenerates damage, and drains human blood to survive. Darla is vulnerable to holy items and sunlight and can be killed by decapitation and a stake to the heart. She cannot enter the home of a living human without first being invited by someone who lives there.
Darla is also capable of sensing the presence of a soul in others, as she did when Angelus was cursed for the first time. However, Wesley states in "Disharmony" that only "some can sense Angel's soul."
Darla often uses her beauty and sexuality to lure unsuspecting prey. Unlike her more aggressive male counterparts (Angelus and Spike), she is rarely seen "hunting"; her prey willingly approaches her, never suspecting their fate until it is too late.

Julie Benz

Actress Julie Benz says Darla is "dressed to the nines" in every time period in which she lives, and "she fully goes after a certain look. If she’s going to be living during the Boxer Rebellion time, she’s got the big Gibson Girl hair style and the beautiful kimono-style clothes." Benz points out that in the Buffy pilot episode, Darla – attempting to dress like a high school student – exaggerates it with a "little twist", wearing a Catholic schoolgirl uniform instead. "I think I influenced Darla fashion-wise in the second season of Angel where she was a little more classic-looking and tailored," Benz says, explaining she collaborated with the costume designer to transition Darla into a "hipper look" when she became a vampire again.

Julie Benz - Angel- Darla Action Figure

Angel- Darla Action Figure: Darla, the vampire who sired Angelus, and is the mother of Angel's super-human son, Connor! Depicting Darla as she appeared in Angel, the figure comes with various accessories. Reunion Darla, as she appeared in early seasons of Angel, with vamped out face. Darla comes with a sledgehammer, cross, dagger, bottle of blood, purse and grass base with a broken wall and rusty gate. Approx. 6 inches tall.

Buffy Welcome to the Hellmouth Darla Figure

Buffy Welcome to the Hellmouth Darla Figure: Darla is here for you. Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles and the sculptors at Gentle Giant Studios offer fans the next release in the hit Buffy/Angel line of collectibles. This fantastic action figure shows Darla-- the vampire who transformed Angel into a vampire, and played by Julie Benz-- in the naughty schoolgirl outfit she wore in the debut episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This very desirable 6-inch tall figure features multiple points of articulation and a wealth of exciting accessories that include a cross, dagger, pistols, sledge hammer, and a walled-fence base. Darla is here, waiting for you. The next move is yours!

Buffy Vampire Slayer Darla Figure

Buffy Vampire Slayer Darla Figure: Features a new red paint outfit and includes two handguns, a wooden cross, dagger, sledgehammer, and a cemetery base as well as blister card packaging. Based on her last Buffy appearance, "Welcome to the Hellmouth" Vampire Darla is more than just a pretty face. With 10 points of articulation and standing 6 inches tall, this figure includes two handguns, a wooden cross, dagger, sledgehammer, and graveyard base. A must for Buffy fans. A hard to find, rare, sold out exclusive.

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