Timothy Olyphant as Hitman

Timothy Olyphant as Hitman

Timothy Olyphant as Hitman: An orphaned child kidnapped and trained by the Organization to become an elite assassin. He is the main protagonist in this story.

The Movie:

- Hitman: An international assassin known only as Agent 47 (Timothy Olyphant) carries out high-profile hits for a mysterious organization known only as "The Agency" in this adaptation of the popular Eidos Interactive video-game series. Agent 47 is an elite, genetically engineered assassin who takes great pride in his work. His lethal grace, steady shot, and unparalleled precision have all served to make him one of the most sought-after assassins in the world. But when the killer without a conscience is faced with an unanticipated series of developments, his entire perception of reality begins to shift. On assignment to take out Russian head of state Belicoff (Ulrich Thomsen), Agent 47 is caught off guard by the appearance of presidential look-alikes. When the high-profile hit captures the attention of such powerful intelligence organizations as the CIA and Interpol, agent Mike Whittier (Dougray Scott) is dispatched to rein Agent 47 in. Meanwhile, a mysterious Russian prostitute named Nika (Olga Kurylenko) has walked into Agent 47's life, causing the methodical killer to become overwhelmed by emotions that were previously foreign to him.

Hitman Premium Format Figure 1

Hitman Premium Format Figure 2

Hitman Premium Format Figure 3

The Hitman Premium Format figure captures every aspect of Agent 47 with lifelike realism. Each piece is individually painted and, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figure. Agent 47 is complete with his signature dual Silverballer guns and dressed in an incredibly detailed, hand-tailored fabric suit. The Hitman Premium Format figure is an outstanding addition to any collection.

19.5" H x 8" W x 8" D

Engineered by Dr. Otto Ort-Meyer, Agent 47 is a genetically enhanced clone formed from the DNA of the Five Fathers - Ort-Meyer and four of his former comrades turned criminal masterminds. 47 is highly skilled in assassination techniques and trained in weaponry and combat tactics. When he escaped the asylum where he was raised, Dr. Ort-Meyer considered it proof that his training was complete, evasion being the final skill that 47 needed to master.
Agent 47 is employed as an agent of the International Contract Agency and quickly became its most requested and effective assassin. 47 shows discernment when ordered to kill, his usual targets criminals or political deviants who operate above the law. He often spares lesser criminals who's lives he is not directed to take and assists those in need, sometimes in exchange for information.
It was eventually learned that Dr. Ort-Meyer's experiments in genetics were part of a plan to create a race of clones superior to 47. The new clones would show no emotion and do Ort-Meyer's bidding with unquestioning loyalty, raising Ort-Meyer to global domination. Uncovering Ort-Meyer's intentions, 47 killed his creator and destroyed the latest series of clones, called 48's.

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