Amy Acker as Illyria

Amy Acker as Illyria

Amy Acker as Illyria: When Illyria takes over her new "shell," Illyria possesses tremendous physical strength, far superior to that of most vampires, demons, or Slayers. Her strength, reflexes, and agility make her a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. Illyria uses an ancient fighting style that Spike compares to Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Ninjitsu (possibly a mispronunciation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). Although Spike's adaptability gives him an occasional advantage, Illyria dominates their sparring sessions. Her skin is a hardened shell, providing her body with a heavy armor capable of withstanding blows from forged weapons, such as swords or axes. In the episode "Time Bomb", she managed to single-handedly kill Spike, Wesley, Lorne and Angel in a matter of seconds, a testament of her prowess in combat.
Illyria is aided in combat by her ability to selectively alter time, which allows her to easily dodge both attacks and bullets; she can accomplish a goal and leave an area before her opponent even realizes she has moved. She has only been shown altering the flow of time to produce a slow motion effect, though it is possible that she can alter time in other ways.

Amy Acker as Illyria Ornament

Illyria Ornament: These beautifully detailed 3-D ornaments of the most popular characters from Joss Whedon's hit series' Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel are fully painted and ready to hang. Based on the popular DST action figures, these ornaments measure nearly 3 1/4-inches in height.

Amy Acker as Illyria Action Figure

Illyria Action Figure: Introduced in the Angel fifth season episode, "A Hole in the World", Illyria is an ancient demon that possessed Winifred when she opened a sarcophagus that was anonymously sent to her. Now the fan-favorite character comes to life as this exciting new action figure, featuring 14 points of articulation! Sculpted by Gentle Giant utilizing the latest real-scan technology, Illyria stands 6-inches tall and comes with a Training Room base and episode-specific accessories.

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