Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Jones is most famously played by Harrison Ford. Particularly notable facets of the character include his iconic look (bullwhip, fedora, and leather jacket), sense of humor, deep knowledge of many ancient civilizations and languages, and fear of snakes. Indiana Jones remains one of cinema's most revered movie characters.

Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark Premium Format Figure

Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark Premium Format Figure: Sideshow Exclusive Learn More The Sideshow Exclusive version of the Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark Premium Format Figure includes a unique feature available nowhere else: Interchangeable hatless portrait for alternate display! The Premium Format Indiana Jones figure presents the adventuring archaeologist as he appears in Raiders of the Lost Ark, standing tall with the fertility idol and bullwhip in hand. The figure features a belted holster that houses a removable revolver. Down to the tilt of his trademark fedora, each figure is sculpted to Sideshow’s museum-quality standards and dressed in an expertly tailored real fabric costume that captures the essence of Dr. Jones. Each piece is hand-cast of high-quality polystone, hand finished and individually numbered.

Indiana Jones On Horseback Statue

Indiana Jones On Horseback Statue: Indiana Jones, famed archaeologist and adventurer, acquires his father’s “Grail Diary,” the collected notes, legends, and clues to the resting place of the mysterious Holy Grail – and follows the trail left by his father to Italy and beyond to the Middle East, where adventure awaits him… on horseback! This outstanding piece depicts Indiana Jones on horseback, and measures 11″ tall. Comes with a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Cairo Figure

Movie Masterpiece Delux Figure - Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Arc

Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to present the MMS DX 1/6th scale Indiana Jones Collectible Figure from the Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, a project made in collaboration with Sideshow Collectibles. The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, highlighting a newly developed head sculpt, two styles of specially produced costume, highly detailed accessories and weapons, as well as double-sided movie-accurate backdrop.

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