Hell Ride

Hell Ride Movie Image
Girls - Tattoos - Choppers: Hell Ride Movie

Director: Larry Bishop
Cast: Larry Bishop, Michael Madsen, Dennis Hopper, Vinnie Jones, David Carradine, Eric Balfour, Julia Jones, Michael Beach, Leonor Varela, Francesco Quinn,
Alison McAtee


Larry Bishop stars as bad-ass biker Pistolero, (named after the original title for Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado) who along with The Gent (Michael Madsen) and Comanche (Eric Balfour), hit the road to avenge the death of Pistolero’s old lady Cherokee Kisum (Julia Jones) by the 666ers, a rival motorcycle gang. Vinnie Jones and bike riding legend David Carradine star as members of the satanic biker gang the 666ers. Dennis Hopper stars as an old member of Pistoleros gang.

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