Eva Green Character Figure

Serafina Pekkala Tonner Doll
Serafina Pekkala Tonner Doll

Eva Green Golden Compass Serafina Pekkala Queen of the Witches Statue
Serafina Pekkala Queen of the Witches Statue
Eva Green as Serafina Pekkala
Eva Green portrayed the witch Serafina Pekkala in the 2007 film adaptation of The Golden Compass
She’s a witchy woman! Witch queen, Serafina Pekkala is as wise as she is beautiful, for despite her youthful appearance, she has lived three hundred years. She and her daemon, a snow goose named Kaisa, aid and protect Lyra on her journey. Now, Serafina’s fluid grace is captured in a beautifully sculpted 1:6 scale statue from Master Replicas. Display her strong, mysterious beauty alone – or with the character figurines of Mrs. Coulter and Lord Asriel to complete the triumverate of power, evil and wisdom that Lyra Belacqua encounters on her journey.

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Midnight Poison Fragrance

Eva Green Fragrance

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