Mirror Images - Starring: Delia Sheppard

Mirror Images

Mirror Images

Cast: Delia Sheppard, Jeff Conaway, Richard Arbolino, John O'Hurley, Korey Mall, Julie Strain

Two beautiful women, Kaitlin who is desperately seeking to get away from her boring wealthy life with her control freak husband Jeffrey... and Shauna, Kaitlin's twin sister who is lively and outgoing and who lives a very different lifestyle. Passionate and wild, Shauna lives off a variety of lovers, including Joey, (a rich boy playing rock star) when she receives a mysterious phone call and suddenly leaves town. Kaitlin assumes Shauna's identity and becomes embroiled with a psychotic serial killer who is stalking her twin. Engulfed in the fantasy and still posing as Shauna, Kaitlin allows herself to be seduced by Joey, who one day appears unannounced. Fear is to follow, when the next night, Kaitlin is forced to confront the masked sadist who has been terrorizing her twin sister. ...Mirror Images

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