Animal Instincts 3: The Seductress - Starring: Wendy Schumacher

Animal Instincts 3: The Seductress

Animal Instincts 3: The Seductress

She'll do anything if she thinks you're watching. Joanna Cole (Wendy Schumacher), who has a passion for exposing private fantasies, fans the flames of rock promoter Alex Savage, who finds excitement in secretly watching others. His voyeurism and her need to bare it all climax in a showdown of burning sexual desires.

Joanna Coles, played by Wendy Schumacher, likes to show off. She likes to perform too, but that's not all. Possessed of a great figure, she likes to be observed while doing intimate things. To spread her intimacy around, taking the intimacy out of intimacy. Enter Alex Savage. Alex played by James Matthew, is the perfect foil for Joanna's exhibitionist tendencies, being a voyeur and a game player. The foremast game in Alex's repertoire is pretending to be blind. You'd be surprised what people will do in front of you if they think you can't see them.

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