Animal Instincts 2 - Starring: Shannon Whirry

Animal Instincts 2

Animal Instincts 2

Shannon Whirry delivers a knock-out punch to all the would-be pretenders to the B-movie throne. This movie is the fulfillment every voyuer's fantasy. It's strongest asset (besides Ms. Whirry) is that it doesn't pretend to be anything but what it is: a showcase for the talents of the best B-movie broad in da bizness. It really delivers, but still leaves you wanting more, more, MORE!! Shannon could make it as a supermodel, spokesperson, bikini gal or on some Fox TV drama. This film makes us thankful she chose movie actress as her career. All hail the Queen!

The plot has Whirry's character finding out a neighbor has set up cameras in her bedroom to spy on her, and like most women would react in such a disturbing situation, gets off on the voyeurism and decides to play along. Directed by Gregory Dark, a filmmaker whose career credits include a slew of softcore.

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