Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson: Stargate Figure

Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson: Stargate

Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson: Stargate

"Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson (seasons 1–5 and 7–10 main, season 6 recurring) – A brilliant Egyptologist whose far-fetched theories about Egyptian pyramids having been built by aliens led to his participation in the original Stargate mission in the feature film (where he was played by James Spader). He joins the SG-1 team to facilitate his search for his wife, who was kidnapped by Apophis in the pilot episode, but his naïveté and curiosity regularly create obstacles for the team. He gradually evolves from being an archaeologist and translator into the moral conscience for the team, and remains part of SG-1 until he ascends to a higher plane of existence at the end of season 5. Following his forceful de-ascension at the beginning of season 7, he rejoins SG-1 for the remainder of the series. The last three seasons show his flirty yet antagonistic relationship with Vala Mal Doran. Daniel also appears in both direct-to-DVD films, in seasons 1 and 5 of Stargate Atlantis, and in three Stargate Universe episodes."

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