Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez - Dark Tide Movie Poster

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez - Dark Tide Movie Poster

Dark Tide

Release: March 8, 2012

Director: John Stockwell
Writer: Amy Sorlie, Ronnie Christensen
Cast: Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez
Synopsis: When her husband (Olivier Martinez) chooses ambition over his wife’s safety in a split-second encounter with the jaws of death, Kate’s marriage nearly breaks apart. A year later, a monsoon-season voyage back to the same island becomes an escalating series of terrifying underwater confrontations and gut-wrenching emotional challenges. Testing her courage in the face of nature’s ultimate terror, she shows herself as tough as the men she is attracted to — and perhaps the bravest of all. Kate endures and changes the terms of the contest with mankind’s most feared underwater predator.
Dark Tide Trailer

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