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Between Notes

Release: April 2, 2011
Director: Christopher Grissom
Writer: Christopher Grissom
Cast: David Ramirez, Brandi Price, Shelby Cook, Brittany Joyner, Summer Ames

Synopsis: David is a musician who traded his dream for a corporate job to keep his relationship. But now that the girl he gave up his dream to be with has left him to pursue hers, he's left wondering where he went wrong. His eccentric roommate, in an effort to get him in better spirits, drags him to the park where he meets Annie, who left a relationship in Chicago to pursue music in Dallas. Unwilling and unsure of starting a new relationship, their meetings are confined to the park. But when Annie unknowingly moves into the loft above, their feelings are complicated by the music they overhear. In the end they have to decide whether they've fallen in love with a person or an idea, and if they're really ready to know the difference

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