Julie Newmar as Catwoman: Batman (1960s TV Series)

Julie Newmar as Catwoman

Julie Newmar as Catwoman

She starred for two seasons as Catwoman in the television series Batman (1966–67).

Batman (1960s TV Series)

The series focuses on the adventures of Batman and Robin; although the lives of their alter-egos, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are typically shown, it is usually only briefly in the context of their being called away on superhero business, or in circumstances where they need to employ their secret identities to assist in their crime-fighting. The "Dynamic Duo" typically come to the aid of the Gotham City Police upon the latter being stumped by a supervillain. Throughout the episodes, Batman and Robin have to deduce clues and discover the supervillain's plan, and also figure out how to thwart that plan and capture the criminal.

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