Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock: Daredevil Movie Figure

Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock: Daredevil Movie

Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock: Daredevil

An attorney-at-law with a disability who was blinded as a youth in an accident with bio-waste that drastically heightened his remaining senses and gave him a "sonar-sense", which allowed him to perceive his surroundings, and makes a silent promise with his father to "stick up for the long shots". His father is killed not long after and at that moment, he vows to seek justice. At night, he becomes a devil-modeled vigilante who takes justice into his hands. After a freak accident left him blind, Matt Murdock discovered that although he has lost his sight, his other senses had been raised to super-human levels. After his father is killed by mobsters, Murdock dedicates his life to fighting injustice both inside the courtroom as a lawyer, and outside as the costumed vigilante Daredevil.

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