Catherine Zeta-Jones - The Rebound Movie Poster

The Rebound Movie Poster

The Rebound

Release: July 28, 2010

Director: Bart Freundlich
Writer: Bart Freundlich
Cast: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Justin Bartha, Megan Byrne, Eliza Callahan
Synopsis: When Sandy a beautiful, smart, suburban 40-year-old mother (Catherine Zeta-Jones) discovers her husband is cheating, she takes her two children to New York City to start over. Her new job forces her to hire a nanny, the directionless but charming 25-year-old Aram, (Justin Bartha) who is still trying to figure out what he wants in life. As Aram increasingly becomes attached to her kids, Sandy becomes aware of her growing attraction to Aram! The Rebound is a fresh, funny, and sexy comedy about moving on and bouncing back.
The Rebound Trailer

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