Vampires in Venice Horror Movie Poster

Vampires in Venice

Vampires in Venice

Director: Deborah Goodwin

Writer: Deborah Goodwin
Cast: Jennifer Skyler, Barbara Lee Bragg, Aleksei Archer, Obi Ndefo, Carey Embry, Greg Albanese
Synopsis: Keith (Edward Remington Hoffman), a young fresh-faced actor, arrives in Hollywood on All Hallow's Eve and is hustled by a mad real estate agent to move into an abandoned rental house in Venice where he’s warned by his weird neighbor that “evil is everywhere”. On his first night in his new digs, he’s attacked by some kind of vampire bat and begins to feel a change coming on. When he rescues an attractive escaped mental patient named Laci (Aleksei Archer) from his basement and is threatened by a wild gang of “Fanpires” (fans of the undead), he has to admit that something is definitely messed up.

Keith tries his best to ignore the strange bloodlust that’s stirring inside and focus on acing his big audition with the sinister casting director and celebrity scream queen (Jennifer Skyler). Whatever’s inside him is taking over fast and he is unable to remember if the visions of blood in his head are a nightmare. Lucky for him, Laci knows just who to call. Relying on the ancient wisdom of an infamous cryptozoologist (Bill Cobbs), Keith and his new girlfriend must battle the dark forces raging inside him.

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