Karen Gillan as Amy Pond

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond - Doctor Who

Karen Gillan now plays the 11th Doctor's companion named Amy Pond along with Arthur Darvill, who plays Amy's husband, Rory Williams.

Amy Pond Premium Bust

Sassy, fearless, style-icon Amy Pond! From the high-quality, limited edition Dr. Who Masterpiece Collection, comes this exquisitely sculpted, 8-inch tall Amy Pond Maxi Bust of the assistant to the Eleventh Doctor in the Doctor Who TV series. The superb statue celebrates actress Karen Gillan's powerhouse debut as one of The Doctor's most popular assistants of all time. Lips pursed and ready for action, the lovely Ms. Pond is captured amazingly accurately in this astonishingly detailed three-quarter length premium sculpt. It's time you owned one of these!

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