The Walking Dead: Michonne Mini Bust (Danai Gurira)

The Walking Dead: Michonne Mini Bust (Danai Gurira)

The Walking Dead: Michonne Mini Bust (Danai Gurira)

In the world of The Walking Dead, there are survivors, and there are Survivors. Michonne, a mysterious katana-wielding woman that first appears in the second-season finale, is the latter. A consummate warrior, Michonne has adapted to the new ways of the world, post-apocalypse, and uses them to her advantage. Whether it's using the gore of decimated Walkers to mask her own scent so she can safely walk among them, or using guerilla warfare tactics to bring the battle back to any who dare come after her, Michonne is not to be trifled with. The master artisans at Gentle Giant Ltd. are proud to bring to you the 2013 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Michonne Mini Bust! Hand crafted using the original life cast of actress Danai Gurira and resized to 1/6th scale, no other collectable can claim to be as screen-accurate. Cold cast in only the highest quality polystone and featuring a solid metal katana, this hand painted, limited edition bust depicts Michonne ready to take on all comers. Each of these exclusive busts are hand-painted and include a matching certificate of authenticity.

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The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Mini Bust (Norman Reedus)

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Mini Bust (Norman Reedus)

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Mini Bust (Norman Reedus)

One of the most popular new characters on television today, Daryl Dixon is a survivor. An expert hunter, tracker and scavenger, he and his brother Merle initially join Rick Grimes' band of survivors in order to rob them of their supplies. However, circumstances keep Daryl in the group and over time he transforms from a loner to a "go-to" leader, taking responsibility for the safety of his new-found family with his crossbow. Straight from the screen to your shelf, Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to bring you the roguish Daryl Mini Bust. This beautiful and intricate bust is digitally sculpted and cold cast using only the highest quality synthetic polystone. From Daryl's signature sleeveless tee shirt to his deadly hunting crossbow, no detail has been overlooked. A limited edition collectable, each hand-painted bust comes individually numbered and includes a matching certificate of authenticity.

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The Walking Dead: Sheriff Rick Grimes 1/4 Scale Statue (Andrew Lincoln)

The Walking Dead: Sheriff Rick Grimes 1/4 Scale Statue (Andrew Lincoln)

The Walking Dead: Sheriff Rick Grimes 1/4 Scale Statue (Andrew Lincoln)

Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to continue our Walking Dead line with the Sheriff Rick Grimes statue! Digitally sculpted by our master artisans, this 18” tall, 1:4 scale statue is hand-painted and comes individually numbered with a matching certificate of authenticity.

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The Avengers: Thor Movie Mini Bust (Chris Hemsworth) - Movie Masterpiece Collectible Item

The Avengers: Thor Movie Mini Bust (Chris Hemsworth)

The Avengers: Thor Movie Mini Bust (Chris Hemsworth)

Digitally scanned from film actor Chris Hemsworth, and then cast in high quality poly stone. Each limited edition hand painted piece comes numbered and boxed with a certificate of authenticity.

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Ghosts of Mars

Ghosts of Mars

Ghosts of Mars

Cast: Natasha Henstridge, Ice Cube, Pam Grier, Jason Statham, Clea DuVall

Nasthasha henstridge pam grier and ice cube must battle it out against primitive martian ghosts who will stop at nothing to annihilate the human invaders who have disturbed their planet.

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The Number 23

The Number 23

The Number 23

Cast: Jim Carrey, Virginia Madsen, Logan Lerman, Danny Huston, Mark Pellegrino, Lynn Collins, Rhona Mitra, Bud Cort

Upon acquiring a mysterious book in which the number 23 seems to take on powerful cosmic significance, a once-sane man gradually becomes obsessed with the idea that the frequently recurring number may in fact hold a deadly secret in this intense mystery-thriller starring Jim Carrey and Virginia Madsen, and directed by Joel Schumacher. Walter Sparrow (Carrey) is a middle-aged dogcatcher whose wife Agatha (Madsen) has bestowed him with an obscure mystery novel detailing the investigation launched by a tough-talking gumshoe named Fingerling (also Carrey) whose every move seems to be overshadowed by the enigmatic eponymous number.

After noting a series of alarming parallels shared between the fictional detective and himself, Walter is quickly drawn in to the story as the hard-boiled private investigator murders raven-wigged moll Fabrizia (also Madsen) and pins the crime on her unsuspecting lover (Danny Huston). Back in the real world, fiction seems to merge with reality as Walter and Agatha's close friend Isaac (also Huston) begins to ingratiate himself ever deeper into the couple's relationship and Walter begins experiencing a gruesome series of visions in which he violently murders an unfaithful Agatha. His mind fast descending into a dark and violent whirlwind of madness, Walter enlists the aid of Agatha and the pair's adolescent son Robin (Logan Lerman) in seeking out the author of the mysterious tome and uncovering the sinister truth behind the so-called "23 enigma."




Cast: Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q, Lily Collins, Steven Moyer, Brad Dourif, Christopher Plummer

Priest, a post-apocalyptic sci fi thriller, is set in an alternate world -- one ravaged by centuries of war between man and vampires. The story revolves around a legendary Warrior Priest (Paul Bettany) from the last Vampire War who now lives in obscurity among the other downtrodden human inhabitants in walled-in dystopian cities ruled by the Church. When his niece (Lily Collins) is abducted by a murderous pack of vampires, Priest breaks his sacred vows to venture out on an obsessive quest to find her before they turn her into one of them. He is joined on his crusade by his niece’s boyfriend (Cam Gigandet), a trigger-fingered young wasteland sheriff, and a former Warrior Priestess (Maggie Q) who possesses otherworldly fighting skills.

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Knight And Day

Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz

Knight And Day

Cast: Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Peter Sarsgaard, Viola Davis, Olivier Martinez, Paul Dano, Maggie Grace, Mark Blucas

Knight and Day centers on a lonely woman (Cameron Diaz) whose seemingly harmless blind date suddenly turns her life upside-down when a super spy (Tom Cruise) takes her on a violent worldwide journey to protect a powerful battery that holds the key to an infinite power source. Grace is playing Diaz's sister, who is getting married, excited that Diaz will take the place of their late father and walk her down the aisle.

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Cast: Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Bacon, Mary-Louise Parker, Stephanie Szostak, Robert Knepper, James Hong, Marisa Miller, Mike O’Malley, Devin Ratray

Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds headline the 3D supernatural action-adventure R.I.P.D. as two cops dispatched by the otherworldly Rest In Peace Department to protect and serve the living from an increasingly destructive array of souls who refuse to move peacefully to the other side. Veteran sheriff Roy Pulsifer (Bridges) has spent his career with the legendary police force known as R.I.P.D. tracking monstrous spirits who are cleverly disguised as ordinary people. His mission? To arrest and bring to justice a special brand of criminals trying to escape final judgment by hiding among the unsuspecting on Earth.

Once the wise-cracking Roy is assigned former rising-star detective Nick Walker (Reynolds) as his junior officer, the new partners have to turn grudging respect into top-notch teamwork. When they uncover a plot that could end life as we know it, two of R.I.P.D.’s finest must miraculously restore the cosmic balance...or watch the tunnel to the afterlife begin sending angry souls the very wrong way.

R.I.P.D. is directed by Robert Schwentke (Red) and produced by Neal H. Moritz (Fast & Furious series, I Am Legend), Mike Richardson (Hellboy, Hellboy II: The Golden Army) and Michael Fottrell (Fast & Furious series, Live Free or Die Hard).

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The Runaways - Stars: Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie

Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie

The Runaways

The Runaways
Cast: Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Scout Taylor-Compton, Michael Shannon, Stella Maeve, Alessandra Torresani, Hannah Marks, Brett Cullen

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning star in this music-fueled story of the ground-breaking, all girl, teenage rock band of the 1970s: The Runaways. The film follows two friends, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, as they rise from rebellious Southern California kids to rock stars of the now legendary group that paved the way for future generations of girl bands. Joan and Cherie fall under the Svengali-like influence of rock impresario Kim Fowley, played by Michael Shannon, who turns the group into an outrageous success and a family of misfits. With its tough-chick image and raw talent, the band quickly earns a name for itself—and so do its two leads: Joan is the band’s pure rock 'n' roll heart, while Cherie, with her Bowie-Bardot looks, is the sex kitten. Written and directed by Floria Sigismondi, the film chronicles Joan and Cherie's tumultuous relationship on and off stage, as the band starts to break out.

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The Yellow Handkerchief - Starring: Kristen Stewart as Martine

Kristen Stewart as Martine

The Yellow Handkerchief

Cast: William Hurt, Maria Bello, Kristen Stewart, Eddie Redmayne

A love story at its core, The Yellow Handkerchief is about three strangers of two generations bound by loneliness who reach out to one another. After embarking on a road trip through post Katrina Louisiana, their relationships forge and change in a myriad of ways, leading to the possibility of second chances.

Brett Hanson (William Hurt) dealing with a painful past, crosses paths with a lonely and troubled teenager Martine (Kristen Stewart) and her new ‘ride’ Gordy (Eddie Redmayne). The trio head out together, each motivated by reasons of their own. Martine yearns to escape her family, Gordy hopes to get closer to Martine and Brett must decide whether he wants to return to the uncertainty of the life and the woman he left behind, his ex-wife May (Maria Bello).

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Adventureland - Starring: Kristen Stewart as Emily "Em" Lewin

Kristen Stewart as Emily "Em" Lewin


Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Stewart, Martin Starr, Paige Howard, Matt Bush

Set in the summer of 1987, Adventureland concerns an uptight recent college grad who is forced to take a minimum wage job at the local amusement park after realizing he can't afford his dream European tour. The experience helps him to loosen up a bit as he finds first love, forms new friendships and matures just in time to enter the real world in the fall.

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What Just Happened - Starring: Kristen Stewart as Zoe

Kristen Stewart as Zoe

What Just Happened

Cast: Robert De Niro, Sean Penn, Bruce Willis, Catherine Keener, John Turturro, Stanley Tucci, Lily Rabe, Robin Wright Penn, Kristen Stewart, Moon Bloodgood

The trailer for What Just Happened?, a winningly sharp comedy about two nail-biting, back-stabbing, roller-coaster weeks in the world of a middle-aged Hollywood producer (De Niro) as he tries to juggle an actual life with an outrageous series of crises in his day job. The film is a rollicking, shrewd tale of a man besieged by people who want him to be all sorts of things -- a money maker, an ego buster, a bad-news breaker, an artistic champion, a loyal husband, an all-knowing father, not to mention sexy, youthful and tuned-in -- everything except for the one thing he and all the preposterously behaved people he's surrounded by really are: bumbling human beings just trying to survive by any means necessary.

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Zathura - Starring: Kristen Stewart as Lisa



Cast: Jonah Bobo, Josh Hutcherson Dax Shepard, Kristen Stewart, Tim Robbins, Frank Oz, John Alexander, Derek Mears, Douglas Tait, Joe Bucaro III, Jeff Wolfe

Upscale Font Two brothers are propelled into deepest, darkest space while playing a mysterious game they discovered in the basement of their old house. On their fantastic journey they are joined by a stranded astronaut and must survive meteor showers, hostile lizard-like aliens, a rocket-propelled robot run amok and an intergalactic spaceship battle.

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The Cake Eaters - Starring: Kristen Stewart as Georgia

Kristen Stewart as Georgia

The Cake Eaters

Cast: Kristen Stewart, Aaron Stanford, Bruce Dern, Elizabeth Ashley, Jayce Bartok, Miriam Shor, Talia Balsam, Jesse L. Martin, Melissa Leo

Award-winning actress Mary Stuart Masterson makes her feature film directorial debut with this quirky, small town drama that explores the lives of two interconnected families as they confront old ghosts and discover love in the face of devastating loss. Award-winning and critically-acclaimed - The Cake Eaters is intricately woven, powerfully poignant and features a brilliant ensemble cast.

Written by and costarring Jayce Bartok, the dynamic ensemble cast features Kristen Stewart, Aaron Stanford, Bruce Dern, Elizabeth Ashley, Miriam Shor, Talia Balsam, Jesse L. Martin, and 2009 Academy-Award nominee Melissa Leo (Frozen River). With original music composed by Tony Award winner Duncan Sheik.

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In the Land of Women - Starring: Kristen Stewart as Lucy Hardwicke

Kristen Stewart as Lucy Hardwicke

In the Land of Women

Cast: Adam Brody, Kristen Stewart, Meg Ryan, Olympia Dukakis, Makenzie Vega, Clark Gregg, Elena Anaya

Adam Brody plays Carter Webb who has just been dumped by his true love Sophia (Elena Anaya). Heartbroken and depressed, Carter escapes Los Angeles to suburban Michigan to care for his ailing grandmother (Olympia Dukakis). Soon after his arrival, Carter stumbles into the lives of the family living directly across the street: Sarah Hardwicke (Meg Ryan), the mother of two daughters: Paige (Makenzie Vega), and older sister Lucy (Kristen Stewart). Through his relationships with these women, as well as with his grandmother, Carter discovers that what felt like an end was only just the beginning of something else....

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Welcome to the Rileys as Mallory - Starring: Kristen Stewart as Mallory

Kristen Stewart as Mallory

Welcome to the Rileys

Cast: James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart, Melissa Leo

Welcome to the Rileys is a powerful drama about finding hope in the most unusual of places. Once a happily married and loving couple, Doug and Lois Riley (James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo) have grown apart since losing their teenage daughter eight years prior. Leaving his agoraphobic wife behind to go on a business trip to New Orleans, Doug meets a 17-year-old runaway (Kristen Stewart) and the two form a platonic bond. For Lois and Doug, what initially appears to be the final straw that will derail their relationship, turns out to be the inspiration they need to renew their marriage.

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Into the Wild - Starring: Kristen Stewart as Tracy Tatro

Kristen Stewart as Tracy Tatro

Into the Wild

Cast: Emile Hirsch, Vince Vaughn, Catherine Keener, Kristen Stewart, William Hurt, Marcia Gay Harden, Zach Galifianakis, Steven Wiig

Upscale Font Introduction to Christopher McCandless, a boy who goes into the wild to find himself. Film based on a true story.

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Your Sister's Sister - Starring: Emily Blunt as Iris

Your Sister's Sister

Your Sister's Sister

Cast: Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, Mark Duplass, Mike Birbiglia

A year after his brother Tom's death, Jack (Duplass) is an emotionally unstable slacker. When he makes a scene at a memorial party, Tom's ex-girlfriend Iris (Blunt) offers up her family cabin on an island in the Pacific Northwest so Jack can seek catharsis in solitude. Once there, however, he runs into Iris' sister Hannah, a lesbian reeling from the abrupt end of a seven-year relationship who finds solace in the affable Tom's unexpected presence, and the two bond over a long night of drinking. The blurry evening concludes with an awkward sexual incident made worse by Iris' sudden presence at the cabin the next morning which sets into motion a twisted tale of ever-complicated relationships

The Adjustment Bureau - Starring: Emily Blunt as Elise Sellas

Emily Blunt as Elise Sellas

The Adjustment Bureau

Cast: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Anthony Mackie, John Slattery, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Michael Kelly, Terence Stamp

Do we control our destiny, or do unseen forces manipulate us? Matt Damon stars in the thriller The Adjustment Bureau as a man who glimpses the future Fate has planned for him and realizes he wants something else. To get it, he must pursue the only woman he’s ever loved across, under and through the streets of modern-day New York.

On the brink of winning a seat in the U.S. Senate, ambitious politician David Norris (Damon) meets beautiful contemporary ballet dancer Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt)—a woman like none he’s ever known. But just as he realizes he’s falling for her, mysterious men conspire to keep the two apart. David learns he is up against the agents of Fate itself—the men of The Adjustment Bureau—who will do everything in their considerable power to prevent David and Elise from being together. In the face of overwhelming odds, he must either let her go and accept a predetermined path…or risk everything to defy Fate and be with her

Amber Heard & Dodge Charger R / T 500 in Drive Angry 3D

Amber Heard & Dodge Charger R / T 500

Drive Angry 3D

Drive Angry 3D stars Nicolas Cage as Milton, a hardened felon who has broken out for one last chance at redemption. Hell bent on stopping a vicious cult of fanatics who murdered his daughter, he has three days to stop them before they sacrifice his infant granddaughter beneath a full moon. Milton must us his anger to go beyond all human limits in order to save his last connection with humanity. He's joined by Piper, a young sexy-smart waitress who liberates her ex-boyfriend's cherry red muscle car in order to help Milton. Now, the two of them are hot on the trail of the charismatic Jonah King and his murderous followers. King will throw every one of them faithful under the wheels of Milton's turbo-charged Black '71 Challenger, to fulfill hist destiny and unleash hell on earth.

Dodge Charger R / T 500

But the bloodthirsty cult is the least of Milton's problems. The police are after him, too. And worse. An enigmatic killer known only as "The Accountant." The Accountant knows what Milton is trying to and and simply doesn't care. With wicked cunning and hypnotic savagery, the Accountant will relentlessly pursue Milton at high speed across the forgotten back roads of the American south.

Fueled by high octane and pure rage, Milton and Piper must battle the onslaught of King's disciples, avenge his murdered daughter, and save his granddaughter before his last chance at redemption is revoked.

The three cars driven by Nicolas Cage in the film are a 1963 Buick Riviera, a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T and a 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454.

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lee Montgomery: Death Proof – Grindhouse

Mary Elizabeth Winstead & 1972 Ford Mustang

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is known for her scream queen roles in the horror films: Final Destination 3, Death Proof, The Thing, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Death Proof

Cast: Kurt Russell, Rosario Dawson, Vanessa Ferlito, Jordan Ladd, Rose McGowan, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Tracie Thoms, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Zoë Bell

Three friends – Arlene, Shanna, and radio disc jockey "Jungle" Julia Lucai – spend a night in Austin, Texas celebrating Julia's birthday, unknowingly followed by a mysterious man in a souped-up 1971 Chevy Nova. The man, Stuntman Mike, stalks the young women with his "death proof car", eventually killing all three. Fourteen months later, Stuntman Mike, now in Tennessee and driving a 1969 Dodge Charger, tails another group of young women – Lee, Abernathy, Kim, and stuntwoman Zoë – a group of women working below the line in Hollywood, whose Stock 1970 Dodge Challenger proves a worthy adversary.

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The Girl Next Door

Elisha Cuthbert

She played an ex–porn star, Danielle, opposite Emile Hirsch. The film was nominated for two MTV Movie Awards including Best Kiss and Breakthrough Female performance for Elisha Cuthbert.

The Girl Next Door

Eighteen-year-old Matthew Kidman (Emile Hirsch) is a straight-arrow over-achiever who has never really lived life… until he falls for his new neighbor, the beautiful and seemingly innocent Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert). When Matthew discovers this perfect “girl next door” is a one-time porn star, his sheltered existence begins to spin out of control. Ultimately, Danielle helps Matthew emerge from his shell and discover that sometimes you have to risk everything for the person you love.

The Girl Next Door is a comedy about opposite worlds, views and backgrounds colliding. It is about a boy with a future and a girl with a past. A boy who is about to lose his innocence and a girl who is trying to regain it.

The film asks, How far are you willing to go for the person you love? Are you willing to risk everything? If you want the girl next door, you had better be willing to risk it all and experience a journey for which you never could have prepared.

The Wolfman - Starring: Emily Blunt as Gwen Conliffe

Emily Blunt as Gwen Conliffe

The Wolfman

Cast: Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving, Art Malik, Geraldine Chaplin, Kiran Shah, Branko Tomovic

Cast: Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving, Art Malik, Geraldine Chaplin, Kiran Shah, Branko Tomovic Inspired by the classic Universal film that launched a legacy of horror, The Wolfman brings the myth of a cursed man back to its iconic origins. Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro stars as Lawrence Talbot, a haunted nobleman lured back to his family estate after his brother vanishes. Reunited with his estranged father (Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins), Talbot sets out to find his brother...and discovers a horrifying destiny for himself. Joe Johnston directs The Wolfman, and six-time Oscar®-winning special effects artist Rick Baker brings his design and makeup talents to transform Del Toro into the fearsome title character.

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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - Starring: Emily Blunt as Miss Harriet Chetwode-Talbot

Emily Blunt as Miss Harriet Chetwode-Talbot

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Cast: Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Kristin Scott Thomas

From the beloved director of Chocolat and the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Slumdog Millionaire comes the inspirational comedy Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. A visionary sheik (Amr Waked) has a big dream – to bring salmon fishing to the desert. Willing to spare no expense, he instructs his representative (Emily Blunt) to turn his dream into reality, an extraordinary feat that will require the involvement of Britain’s leading fisheries expert (Ewan McGregor) who happens to think the project both absurd and unachievable. That is, until the Prime Minister’s overzealous press secretary (Kristin Scott Thomas) latches on for its potential as a ‘good will’ story. Now, this unlikely team will put it all on the line and embark on an upstream journey of faith and fish to prove the impossible, possible.

Sunshine Cleaning - Starring: Emily Blunt as Norah Lorkowski

Emily Blunt as Norah Lorkowski

Sunshine Cleaning

Cast: Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Alan Arkin, Steve Zahn, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Clifton Collins Jr., Jason Spevack

Rose Lorkorswki, a former high school cheerleader and now a thirty-something maid, is trying to create a better life for herself and eccentric eight-year-old son Oscar. Her burn-out younger sister Norah still lives at home with their father Joe, who;s on the latest of a life-long string of get-rich-quick schemes. When Rose learns of the big money to be made in the crime scene cleaning and bio-hazard removal business, she and Norah partner up to create their own company, Sunshine Cleaning.

Fierce People - Starring: Kristen Stewart as Maya Osbourne

Kristen Stewart as Maya Osbourne

Fierce People

Cast: Diane Lane, Anton Yelchin, Donald Sutherland, Chris Evans, Kristen Stewart

Contrasting the mores of high society with the blunt savagery of primitive tribes, this film takes an inside look at the upper classes, examining the darkness that lurks beneath the surface of good manners. Sporting a biting wit, and featuring charismatic

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Catch That Kid - Starring: Kristen Stewart as Maddy

Kristen Stewart as Maddy

Catch That Kid

Cast: Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Beals, Sam Robards, Corbin Bleu, John Carroll Lynch, Max Thieriot

12-year-old Maddy and her father have always shared a love for mountain climbing. Their hobby, however, has a disastrous effect when an accident on Mount Everest injures his spine, paralyzing him forever unless he gets a very expensive operation.

Get ready for an exciting, high-stakes adventure with Maddy, Gus and Austin: three kids on a top-secret mission! They're close friends, each with special talents: a champion rock climber, a computer genius and a mechanical whiz specializing in high-speed go-carts. Their challenge: to crack a high-tech bank vault and pull off the biggest heist their homeroom has ever seen --all to save Maddy's ailing Dad! They may have a plan that's foolproof, but they're not even old enough to drive!

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Cold Creek Manor - Starring: Kristen Stewart as Kristen Tilson

Cold Creek Manor

Cold Creek Manor

Cast: Dennis Quaid, Sharon Stone, Stephen Dorff, Juliette Lewis, Kristen Stewart, Christopher Plummer

When documentary filmmaker Cooper Tilson and his wife Leah decide life in New York City has become unbearable, they and their children Kristen and Jesse move into a decaying mansion filled with the possessions of the previous family. They befriend local tavern owners Ray and Ellen Pinski and their daughter Stephanie. As Cooper begins to sort through the many documents and family photographs scattered throughout the house, he decides to commit its history to film. Converting the old building into their dream house becomes a nightmare for the Tilsons when previous owner Dale Massie, an uncouth redneck recently released from prison, shows up and pressures Cooper into hiring him to help with the renovations. While he initially proves to be a good worker, the underlying sense of menace he projects is unsettling. A series of terrifying incidents, including Cooper being pursued by an unknown car, the sudden appearance of the poisonous snakes in the house and the killing of the horse given to them by the Pinskis lead the Tilsons to research the estate's dark past. Hoping to glean some details about its history, Cooper visits Dale's aging and slightly demented father in the nursing home where he is living. Disjointed comments made by the elderly man lead Cooper to believe Dale murdered his wife and children, and he begins to search his 1,200-acre (4.9 km2) property for their remains. Sheriff Annie Ferguson, sister of Dale's battered, slatternly girlfriend Ruby, is skeptical about Dale's guilt, but slowly comes to realize Cooper may be right.

Cooper's suspicions are confirmed when he and Leah discover three skeletons in Devil's Throat, a deep well, hidden in the woods. Using a walkie talkie, he contacts Sheriff Ferguson, unaware she has been attacked and disabled by Dale, who punctures the tires on Cooper's truck and sets Leah's car on fire to prevent them from escaping. Trapping them in the house in the middle of a storm that has knocked out the electricity, he forces them to rely on their wits and physical prowess to save themselves. Dale finally corners Cooper and Leah on the roof after chasing them through the mansion. Dale, now raving mad, openly declares his insanity as well as his intent to kill them and throw them down the Devil's Throat like his family. However, the couple is able to turn the tables on their tormentor by charging him with a line of rope that knocks him off his feet. They quickly tie him down against a roof lantern before he can break free. Cooper then takes the killing tool and taunts Dale as he had done to him, before shattering the skylight, sending the screaming Dale to his death.

The film then cuts to show that the bodies of Dale's family are now rightly entombed in the family graveyard at Cold Creek Manor and that Cooper and his family have finally attained their wanted peace.

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Panic Room - Starring: Kristen Stewart as Sarah Altman

Kristen Stewart and Jodie Foster

Panic Room

Cast: Jodie Foster, Forest Whitaker, Dwight Yoakam, Jared Leto, Kristen Stewart

The film focuses on a panic room, a safe shelter usually located inside a residence. The panic room in this film is protected by a four-inch-thick steel door and an impressive security system, and features a phone line not connected to the residence. Meg Altman (Jodie Foster) and her young daughter Sarah (Kristen Stewart) end up locking themselves in there to hide from some intruders.

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Jessica Biel as Erin: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Jessica Biel as Erin

Jessica Biel as Erin: the main protagonist who, along with her boyfriend Kemper and her 3 friends, make an ill-fated trip to Texas which leaves her as the only survivor.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Based on real events, this remake of the classic 1973 horror film follows the gruesome story of a group of friends trapped by a leather-masked chainsaw-wielding serial murderer on a barren stretch of Texas highway.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Black Widow 9-Inch Statue (Scarlett Johansson) - Movie Masterpiece Collectible Item

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Black Widow 9-Inch Statue (Scarlett Johansson)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Black Widow 9-Inch Statue (Scarlett Johansson)

The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in the movie.

From the Manufacturer:

Natasha Romanoff, AKA Natalia Alianova Romanova, AKA The Black Widow. Romanoff’s history as a double agent is well known in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What’s better known, is her heroism as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., friend and partner to Captain America, and her membership as an Avenger.

Using digital sculpting and scan data, Gentle Giant Ltd. has recreated Black Widow in this amazing 9 inch tall 1:7 statue. This stunning collectible was printed on top of the line 3D Systems printers, making it possible to capture the intricate details of the character’s likeness, costume and accessories in spectacular high-resolution.

The first in a new line of Gentle Giant’s Collectors Gallery statues, the Black Widow is an incredible representation of the character as she appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

Where to Buy: aStore

300: Rise of an Empire: Themistocles 18-inch Statue (Sullivan Stapleton) - Movie Masterpiece Collectible Item

300: Rise of an Empire: Themistocles 18-inch Statue (Sullivan Stapleton) 

300 Rise of an Empire Themistocles 18-inch Statue (Sullivan Stapleton)

300: Rise of an Empire: Themistocles 18-inch Statue

The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Sullivan Stapleton as Themistocles in the movie.

From the Manufacturer:

While Leonidas lead the Spartans against the Persians at Thermopylae, Themistocles lead the Athenian forces at the Battle of Salamis against Artemisia and the Persian fleet. While few foes underestimate Themistocles' ferocity on the battlefield, many are not aware of his skill and cunning in the arts of politics and diplomacy. Not only did he manage to rebuff Artemisia's varied advances, but Themistocles forged an alliance with Sparta, a goal once thought unachievable. Together with his new allies, Themistocles managed to turn back the tide and thwart the Second Persian Invasion soundly.

From 300: Rise of an Empire, Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to bring you the dramatic Artemisia Statue! Digitally sculpted using actual three-dimensional scan data of actor Sullivan Stapleton and cold cast in the highest quality polystone, the 18" tall Themistocles statue is simply stunning. Each limited edition hand-painted statue comes individually numbered and includes a matching certificate of authenticity. Aroo!

Where to Buy: aStore

300: Rise of an Empire: Artemisia 18-Inch Statue (Eva Green) - Movie Masterpiece Collectible Item

300: Rise of an Empire: Artemisia 18-Inch Statue (Eva Green)

300: Rise of an Empire: Artemisia 18-Inch Statue (Eva Green)

300: Rise of an Empire: Artemisia 18-Inch Statue

The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Eva Green as Artemisia in the movie.

From the Manufacturer:

In a culture dominated by men, Artemisia is unique. Not only is she a formidable warrior, but a cunning and savvy leader. She commands a portion of Xerxes' naval forces at the battle of Artemisium and the Battle of Salamis. From 300: Rise of an Empire, Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to bring you the dramatic Artemisia Statue! Digitally sculpted using actual scan data of actress Eva Green and cold cast in the highest quality polystone, the 18" tall Artemisia statue is both dangerous and beautiful. Each limited edition hand-painted statue comes individually numbered and includes a matching certificate of authenticity. Aroo!.

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Rachel Nichols as Scarlett - G.I. JOE: The Rise Of Cobra

Rachel Nichols as Scarlett

Rachel Nichols as Scarlett (Shana M. O'Hara):

She graduated college at age twelve and became the team's intelligence expert. Having left school so early, she does not understand men's attraction to her.

G.I. Joe will be a modern telling of the "G.I. Joe vs. Cobra" storyline and its compelling characters that Hasbro created 25 years ago. The premise of this fantasy is the story of the G.I. Joe team, led by Duke, and their "fight for freedom wherever there is trouble" against the evil Cobra Commander and his Cobra force. This storyline was an instant hit with kids in the early 1980s, spawning a highly popular 3-3/4-inch action figure line, comic book collection and animated series. The G.I. Joe team will not be based in Brussels. Instead, they will be based out of the "Pit" as they were throughout the 1980s comic book series. And, in keeping with the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra fantasy, the movie will feature characters and locations from around the world. Duke, the lead character and head of the G.I. Joe team, will embody the values of bravery and heroism that the first generation of G.I. Joe figures established.

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Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann

Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann

Keira Knightley achieved international fame in 2003 as a result of appearing as Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, which was released in May 2007.

Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann: Governor Swann’s daughter and Will Turner's fiancée. Having tricked Jack Sparrow into being swallowed by the Kraken to save herself and the Black Pearl crew, she subsequently goes to his rescue.

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Halle Berry as Storm: X-Men

Halle Berry as Storm

Halle Berry as Storm

Halle Berry portrayed the mutant superhero Storm in the film adaptation of the comic book series X-Men (2000) and its sequels, X2: X-Men United (2003), X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) and X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

X-Men: She works as a teacher at the X-Mansion and has the ability to manipulate the weather. Ororo has become bitter with other people's hatred for mutants, and while comforting a dying Senator Kelly says that she sometimes hates humans, but mostly because she is afraid of them.

X2: X-Men United: A mutant and teacher at Xavier's School who can control the weather with her mind. Storm befriends Nightcrawler.

X-Men: The Last Stand: One of Xavier's original students, Storm can manipulate the weather around her with her mind.

X-Men: Days of Future Pas: A mutant who can control the weather and one of the most battle-tested and powerful X-Men.

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Jessica Alba as Susan Storm / Invisible Woman: Fantastic Four

Jessica Alba as Sue Storm

The Invisible Woman

is portrayed by Jessica Alba in the 2005 film Fantastic Four, and its 2007 sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Jessica Alba as, Invisible Woman (Susan Storm), Reed Richards' girlfriend (and eventual wife) has the ability to bend and manipulate light to render herself and others invisible. She later develops the ability to generate force fields, which she uses for a variety of defensive and offensive effects.

Her primary power deals with light waves, allowing her to render herself and others invisible. However, she can also project powerful fields of invisible psionic energy which she uses for a variety of offensive and defensive effects.

Jessica Alba as Invisible Woman

Fantastic Four

When brilliant but naive scientist Reed Richards allies with his cocky classmate Dr. Victor Von Doom in order to perform an experiment in space involving clouds of cosmic energy, he exposes himself and the crew - his friend and pilot Ben Grimm, Reed's girlfriend Susan Storm, her brother Johnny and Von Doom - to the cloud's bizarre energy.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is a 2007 American superhero film, and sequel to the 2005 film Fantastic Four. Both films are based on the Fantastic Four comic book. The film was directed by Tim Story, who also directed the first film in the series, Fantastic Four. Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards, Jessica Alba as Sue Storm-Richards, Chris Evans as Johnny Storm, and Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm are the film series' recurring protagonists, while Julian McMahon and Kerry Washington reprised their roles from the first film as, respectively, Victor von Doom and Alicia Masters. Doug Jones and Beau Garrett appear in the sequel as the Silver Surfer and Frankie Raye, respectively, along with Laurence Fishburne as the voice of the Silver Surfer.

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Michelle Rodriguez as Luz / Shé: Machete

 Michelle Rodriguez as Luz / Shé: Machete

Michelle Rodriguez as Luz / Shé, "a taco-truck lady with a revolutionary heart" Machete Movie

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Keira Knightley as Guinevere: King Arthur

Keira Knightley as Guinevere

King Arthur

Historians have thought for centuries that King Arthur was only a myth, but the legend was based on a real hero, torn between his private ambitions and his public sense of duty. A reluctant leader, Arthur (Clive Owen) wishes only to leave Britain and return to the peace and stability of Rome. Before he can, one final mission leads him and his Knights of the Round Table – Lancelot, Galahad, Bors, Tristan, and Gawain – to the conclusion that when Rome is gone, Britain will need a leader to fill the vacuum. Britain needs a king – someone not only to defend against the current threat of invading Saxons, but to lead the isle into a new age. Under the guidance of Merlin, a former enemy, and the beautiful, courageous Guinevere (Keira Knightley) by his side, Arthur will have to find the strength within himself to change the course of history. Thrilling adventure, edge-of-your-seat action and historical grandeur come together in this unique look at the origins of one of the greatest legends ever told.

"She's very manipulative and calculating and would use whomever to get her own way, whether it was with her sexuality or by killing someone. It felt very empowering playing her!"
"The Celts would've been fighting naked and painted blue, but there was no way I was going to do that. Having a bare midriff and running around killing people was fun. But you don't want to see boobs bumping up and down on a battlefield. It would be distracting" On modesty over historical accuracy in King Artur (2004).

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Famke Janssen as Jean Grey: The Wolverine and X-Men

Famke Janssen as Jean Grey

Famke Janssen as Dr. Jean Grey / Phoenix

X-Men: Famke Janssen as Dr. Jean Grey: She is in a relationship with Cyclops and works as the doctor of the X-Mansion. She has the powers of telekinesis. She also has powers of telepathy like Xavier, although her powers are much less advanced than that of his, displayed when she is stunned by the usage of Cerebro.

X2: A teacher at Xavier's school and the X-Mansion's doctor, Jean has begun to experience vast and at times uncontrollable growth in her telepathic and telekinetic abilities since Magneto's machine was destroyed in the first film. She is Cyclops' fiancé.

X-Men: The Last Stand: A former member of the X-Men who sacrificed herself to save her comrades, upon being resurrected Jean gives in to her alternate personality, the Phoenix, an aggressive Class 5 mutant who possesses potentially limitless telepathic and telekinetic powers, even stronger than Magneto's.

The Wolverine: Famke Janssen as Jean Grey

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Malin Åkerman as Laurie Juspeczyk / Silk Spectre II: Watchmen

Malin Åkerman as Silk Spectre II

Malin Åkerman as Laurie Juspeczyk / Silk Spectre II

Laurie Juspeczyk was pushed into adventuring by her mother Sally Jupiter, the original Silk Spectre. The youngest of the Watchmen, Laurie was haunted by ghosts from her mother's past, which complicated her own, limited activities as a vigilante. She became involved with Dr. Manhattan and quickly retired her Silk Spectre identity as costume vigilantes were outlawed, choosing to live with Dr. Manhattan at a private government institution. Their isolated lives together make her witness and captive to his increasingly inhuman eccentricities.

I am used to going out at 3am and doing shometing stupid.

Watchmen is set in an alternate 1985 America in which costumed superheroes are part of the fabric of everyday society, and the "Doomsday Clock" - which charts the USA's tension with the Soviet Union - is permanently set at five minutes to midnight. When one of his former colleagues is murdered, the washed-up but no less determined masked vigilante Rorschach sets out to uncover a plot to kill and discredit all past and present superheroes. As he reconnects with his former crime-fighting legion - a ragtag group of retired superheroes, only one of whom has true powers - Rorschach glimpses a wide-ranging and disturbing conspiracy with links to their shared past and catastrophic consequences for the future. Their mission is to watch over humanity...but who is watching the watchmen?

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